Helena Rojo’s Thoughts on Her Grandson’s Accusation in Peru


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Helena Rojo, a famous actress, passed away without being able to see her grandson, Alan Kaleb Pardo Maldonado, who is currently in prison in Lima, Peru. Alan was arrested for drug trafficking and was sentenced to almost 7 years in prison. He was caught with almost 4 pounds of cocaine in his stomach at the Jorge Chávez International Airport in Callao, Peru. He was scheduled to serve his sentence until May 12, 2026.

Helena Rojo has not spoken much about her grandson’s arrest. She made it clear that she would not speak about it in her first statement to the Mexican press. She expressed that she respected people and did not want to throw dirt on her family. She stated that she appreciated the respect and did not want to fuel the fire of the painful situation. She emphasized that time passes and the pain subsides.

In January 2020, Helena Rojo returned to work with the staging ‘Mujeres de ash’ and gave an interview to different media outlets. When questioned about her grandson’s situation, she refused to talk about it and requested respect from the press. She was visibly affected by the situation and did not want to add salt to the wound.

Jacqueline Andere, a friend and colleague of Helena Rojo, also emphasized the need for respect and privacy regarding the situation. She stated that they were there to work and did not want to get involved in matters that did not concern them. She urged the press to focus on their work rather than the personal issues of Helena Rojo and her family.

Alan Kaleb Pardo’s arrest and subsequent sentencing have caused a lot of pain and distress for Helena Rojo and her family. The situation has been difficult for them, and they have requested privacy and respect from the media. Despite the pain, they are trying to move forward and focus on their work.

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