Helena Rojo’s Children: Uncovering the Family Tree


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Helena Rojo, the Mexican actress, was a mother three times. She was married to Juan Ferrara, but they did not have children together. Her death at the age of 79 from suspected liver cancer shocked the entertainment world. She was married to Benjamín Fernández since 1988 and had three children from her first marriage. She got married at the age of 17 and had three children: Patricia, Leo, and Elena.

Helena Rojo’s children have gone on to pursue different paths. Patricia, her eldest daughter, owns a restaurant near the Cozumel boardwalk. Leo, her second son, studied photography, while Elena, her youngest descendant, has dedicated herself to photography as well. Elena is also the mother of actor Alan Caleb Pardo, who was sentenced to 6 years in prison for drug trafficking.

Despite being married to Juan Ferrara for 11 years, they did not have any children together. After her divorce from Ferrara, she married Benjamín Fernández, who remained her husband until her death. Helena Rojo kept her illness a secret and her marriage to Ferrara was full of myths.

Helena Rojo’s children have taken different paths in life, with Patricia owning a restaurant, Leo pursuing photography, and Elena also dedicated to photography. Despite her marriage to Juan Ferrara, they did not have any children together. After her divorce, she married Benjamín Fernández, who was her husband until her death. Helena Rojo’s life was full of surprises and her children have continued her legacy in their own unique ways.

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