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Héctor Parra’s eldest daughter flies into a rage after her father’s implacable sentence

Héctor Parra’s eldest daughter flies into a rage after her father’s implacable sentence

The night of May 25 will be one that Héctor Parra will never forget, since he was sentenced to 10 years and 6 months in prison for the crime of corruption of minors, although he had already been acquitted of seven charges of sexual abuse. This code was confirmed by attorney Olivia Rubio Rodríguez, defender of Alexa Hoffman, who explained that after almost five hours of hearing, a judge made this determination.


But not only that, the attorney for the accusing party added that, “This sentence is not an end point, since there is still a long way to go to achieve full reparation for the damage,” words that were expressed in a statement in the that all the details of the legal process and the resolution were disclosed.

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ALL THE DETAILS! Héctor Parra is sentenced to 10 years for corruption of minors but he would still have hope

Although there is someone who has always believed in the artist’s innocence and that is Daniela Parra, the actor’s eldest daughter, who after learning that her father will be sentenced to more than a decade behind bars, did not hesitate to express her courage at the sentence, so he turned to his Twitter account to point out, “And they wonder if there is corruption?? What a stupid mother “, Daniela wrote.

After this message, Daniela began to receive many words of support and encouragement not to stop fighting for her innocence; “Well, she has to appeal and continue in the fight, head up, that you really are not alone”, “Completely agree with you. But remember that the fight is not over. You are not alone, you have God and all of us who pray for you because we believe in the innocence of your father ”, are just some of the letters that she received.

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Héctor Parra’s eldest daughter flew into a rage after her father’s sentenceTwitter/Daniela Parra

ALL THE DETAILS! Alexa Hoffman’s lawyer denies that Héctor Parra has been acquitted, she warns him what she awaits him

During all this time, the young woman has given interviews to the press, presented evidence, and has even gone out to sell tamales and atole as a means to cover the economic expenses of this entire legal process. Even, one day before the sentence was announced, she called a march in favor of her father and those people who are serving a sentence due to failed expert reports and false complaints.

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