HomeNewsHéctor Parra is sentenced for corruption of minors against his daughter

Héctor Parra is sentenced for corruption of minors against his daughter

Héctor Parra is sentenced for corruption of minors against his daughter

The final verdict has been written in the case of Héctor Parra, a Mexican actor accused by his own ex-partner, Ginny Hoffman, of sexual abuse and corruption of minors of his youngest daughter. After the Mexican actor was found guilty of one of the accusations and acquitted of seven charges of sexual abuse on May 11, on the night of this May 25 the authorities of Mexico City have announced the sentence that was challenges him.

The television star has been in prison for two years, he is behind bars in the Reclusorio Oriente in the Mexican capital, where this Thursday it was specified that Héctor Parra must serve 10 years and 6 months in prison, as well as that, in compensation, You will have to pay a fine of 200,000 Mexican pesos (an estimated $11,000).

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The news comes a few days after Daniela, the actor’s eldest daughter, held a demonstration on public roads to demand the release of her father, whom she considers innocent. However, the authorities have found Parra guilty of damages against Alexa, her youngest daughter from her relationship with Hoffman.

Alexa Parra’s lawyer celebrates sentence of Héctor Parra

The lawyer who won the trial against Parra, Olivia Rubio Rodríguez, estimated this through a press release, “This sentence represents progress in the search for justice for Alexa and for all the girls and boys who have suffered sexual violence in spaces relatives, a reality that affects thousands of infants in our country and that often goes unpunished due to the lack of reporting, investigation, and healing.”

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Adding, “This sentence is a recognition of the value and dignity of Alexa and her mother who, despite the real victimization suffered by her attacker, her family and some of the media, did not give up in their fight.”

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As collected the Mexican newspaper ‘El Universal’ and international media, such as Telemundo, Samira Ávila, Héctor Parra’s lawyer, declared, “It is not good news, but it is complete news. Unfortunately, Mr. Héctor is being sentenced for the crime of corruption of minors, ”the defender explained:

“There are resources and we are going to exhaust all instances (…). The sentence is called and says that it is final, but we have another instance, the criminal chamber that is made up of three magistrates who can review this final sentence, to find out if we can modify it or confirm it at the time. On June 1 in the afternoon, the judge in charge will have a hearing with Héctor Parra.

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