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He is 103 years old, they call him Chivabuelo and thus he achieved the dream of going to the Mexican soccer final

He is 103 years old, they call him Chivabuelo and thus he achieved the dream of going to the Mexican soccer final

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The experience that put veteran actor Edward James Olmos “near death”01:47

On video: The horrifying traffic accident of a school bus with 43 students on board00:25

A Republican-majority legislative committee votes to impeach the Texas attorney general (also a Republican)00:26

A car, jewelry, money and more put Senator Bob Menéndez in legal trouble once again. This is what the case is about01:52

The trial against the former Trump adviser accused of a fraud linked to the border wall has already been dated00:32

Police warning travelers on Memorial Day and a service “to avoid misfortunes”01:45

This is why a passenger was able to open the door of a plane in mid-flight (something impossible in most cases)01:53

The “need” of migrants and the “very big favor” that Zelenskyy asked of him: the second part of the interview with the pope04:56

The pope woke up sick. This was the event one day before he felt bad00: 59

An accident left him a paraplegic. Now implants in his brain help him walk again01:44

This former jailer faces 96 criminal charges for the sexual abuse of 13 inmates in California00:28

Trump employees reportedly tampering with boxes a day before the FBI raided Mar-a-Lago00:46

Stewart Rhodes, the far-right founder of Oath Keepers who stormed the Capitol, is sentenced to 18 years in prison00:25

Noah is not the same child after the Uvalde massacre: in this hospital they saved his life and he was grateful for it01:51

AMLO wants Latinos “not to give a vote” to DeSantis because he is one of those who “persecute migrants”00:58

After Ron DeSantis’ rocky launch, analysts wonder if he can recover because “he’s late”02:10

Interview with Pope Francis: what he still needs to do in the Church and what he believes about abortions in cases of rape06:12

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Bessie Schrimsher
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