HBO Max Series Realizes the Most Fearful Moment in ‘The Last Of Us’

HBO Max faithfully reproduces ‘The Last of Us’ museum scene

The acclaimed HBO Max series “The Last of Us”, based on the Naughty Dog video game, is worth the watch for gamers for its faithful recreation of various scenes from the game.

One of the most defining scenes from the video game, the first encounter with Clickers in the museum in downtown Boston, has been reproduced accurately in the series. The scene is just as tense and terrifying as in the game.

The narrative follows Joel and Tess step by step as they enter the museum in its ruined state, checking for Cordyceps mushrooms to ensure no Clickers are inside. It’s only when they arrive on the second floor, that their presence is detected, leading to a fateful encounter.

The scenes of stealth and fight are just as tense and intense as they were in the original game, with some minor changes in the outcome, such as Ellie being bitten on the arm again but demonstrating immunity.

The third episode of the series will be broadcasted the night of the 29th March , turning out to be the second longest of the season after the premiere.

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