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Harry Kane praises Dele Alli for sharing mental health battles

Former team-mate has commended Dele Alli for his bravery in opening up about his mental struggles and personal trauma. Alli revealed in an interview with Gary Neville that he had been sexually abused at the age of six and was involved in drug dealing by the age of eight. Kane, who played alongside Alli at Tottenham Hotspur and for the England national team, expressed his shock at the revelations during a ahead of England’s match against Ukraine.

Kane praised Alli’s in sharing his story, stating, “I think it was extremely brave of Dele to come out and give the interview he gave. We’ve known each other for a while, but I had no idea about the extent of what he had been through. It was definitely eye-opening for me.” He also reached out to Alli after the interview, offering his and acknowledging the potential positive impact it could have on others facing similar struggles.

Having caught up with Alli during the summer, Kane noted that his former teammate seemed to be on a positive path and had been working hard to regain his fitness. Kane expressed his eagerness to see Alli back on the football field, saying, “I think he’s definitely in a better place now, and he has plenty of left in his career. I sincerely hope he can get back on track and play regularly.”

Moving on to his own career, Kane shared his excitement about the upcoming Euro 2024, which will be hosted in Germany. With one of the semi-finals set to take place at ’s Allianz Arena, where Kane now plays, he hopes the will feel like home. He emphasized the importance of first qualifying for the Euros before thinking about the competition itself, but expressed his enthusiasm for playing in new and the prospect of a successful year leading up to the tournament.

Reflecting on his transition from playing for Tottenham to joining Bayern Munich, Kane mentioned that it felt different coming to international duty after flying back from a game rather than driving. However, he expressed his joy in reuniting with his teammates and his eagerness to embrace the new experiences and challenges that come with playing for a different club.

In conclusion, Harry Kane commended Dele Alli for his bravery and resilience, expressed his hope for Alli’s successful return to regular football, and shared his excitement for the upcoming Euro 2024 tournament.

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