Haitian Police Initiates Operation to Combat Armed Gangs

Haitian Police Initiates Operation to Combat Armed Gangs

**Haitian Police Launches “Tornado 1” to Respond to Armed Gangs**

The Haitian Police have launched a new initiative, titled “Tornado 1”, in response to the spread of armed gangs terrorizing the country. The National Police of Haiti’s Director General Frantz Elbé revealed the new mission during a press conference on Friday, a day following the police officers’ protests against their own authorities’ ineffectiveness in curbing the continuous deaths of their personnel.

Elbé assured the understanding of the police officers’ demands including better working conditions and equipment, however, he stressed on their need to maintain order. He also called out for all Haitian families to unite in order to come up with a solution to the acute socioeconomic and political crisis.

The Armed gangs are currently controlling a large area of Port-au-Prince and its surroundings, bringing about havoc and forcing people to abandon their homes. On Thursday, the country experienced a day of extreme tension with shots, burning tires and attacks on the Prime Minister’s private residence. Several barricades were erected near the Toussaint Louverture airport, delaying the Prime Minister’s plane from landing.

The mission “Tornado 1” is in effect, hoping to provide an institutional response to the armed gangs. Elbé and the entire police family voice their determination to keep fighting the criminals.

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