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Gwen Stefani’s Inspiring Transformation: From Punk Princess to Makeup Mogul and TV Star amidst Plastic Surgery Speculations

Gwen Stefani’s Inspiring Transformation: From Punk Princess to Makeup Mogul and TV Star amidst Plastic Surgery Speculations

Gwen Stefani’s Evolution in the Music Industry

Gwen Stefani, at the age of 53, is still making waves in the music industry, proving that she’s still just a girl. She started her career as a punk princess in the rock band No Doubt and has now become a makeup and pop icon. Throughout her highly successful music career, she released four studio albums and some of her solo hits included Rich Girl, Hollaback Girl, and The Sweet Escape. Her debut album, Love, Angel, Music, Baby, sold over one million copies.

Becoming a Reality TV Star

Gwen took on judging duty on the singing competition show, The Voice, for five years, where she met her husband, Blake Shelton. After winning seasons with Carter Rubin, she stepped away from the show, releasing her first solo single in years titled Let Me Reintroduce Myself. She was later replaced by Nick Jonas, who originally made his coaching debut in season 18.

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90’s Chick

Gwen Stefani in the 90s was the lead singer of the rock group No Doubt, where she quickly rose to fame. The band released hit songs including It’s My Life, Don’t Speak, and Hey Baby. She was seen wearing jewels on her face and was widely known as a punk princess. During this era, she was often seen wearing uniquely colored hair including a bright shade of pink that hinted at her blonde hair. The No Doubt rocker was also seen with thin eyebrows and a burgundy lip along with giant hoop earrings and a v-neck cheetah print outfit.

Hollaback Girl

In the early 2000s, Gwen temporarily departed from No Doubt to work on solo music. With four albums under her chain belt, Hollaback Girl became her first solo number-one hit along with four other top 10 hits. During this time, fans saw a slight change in the way Gwen dressed. She did away with the face jewels but kept it heavy with the jewelry. She was always seen sporting funky outfits with one-of-a-kind designs on them.

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In 2022, Gwen released her very own makeup line called GVVE which is described as “clean, vegan and cruelty-free.” Her debut line featured four lipsticks that were named after her songs and now, the brand sells mascara, eyebrow pencils, eyeshadows, and more. “This is not another celebrity [brand] — I’m not a celebrity, I am me, from Anaheim. I was obsessed with makeup my entire life,” Gwen said as reported by The Hollywood Reporter.

Obsessed with Aging

During a candid interview with Australia’s Stellar magazine, Gwen admitted that she is obsessed with how she is aging, adding that growing older in the public eye can be especially difficult. “It’s really hard for everyone to age and have to face life,” she shared. “Especially for females and people who have been in the spotlight, it can be daunting, but you tackle it by just trying to be the most beautiful version of yourself inside and out.” She added: “People talking about my aging is a compliment, I guess. I’m kind of obsessed with how I’m aging too.”

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Plastic Surgery Rumors

Fans have noticed that Gwen looked “unrecognizable” in some pictures and during appearances, leading many to believe that she may have gotten some plastic surgery done. However, she hasn’t confirmed these rumors.

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