Gustavo Petro to establish nine embassies, including one for Armando Benedetti after scandals


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Armando Benedetti, the former ambassador of Colombia in Venezuela, is set to take on a new diplomatic role in the government after a six-month hiatus. This decision has sparked a strong reaction on social media, as the national government plans to create or “revive” about nine embassies to expand its diplomatic presence abroad. One of these embassies is that of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), which will be entrusted to Armando Benedetti.

This move comes after Benedetti was involved in a scandal, and it marks his return to the Executive. The government has also confirmed that it will establish representations in other countries, although the specific embassies have not been disclosed. The document outlining these plans was signed by Foreign Minister Álvaro Leyva Durán on November 7, 2023, amidst controversy over the three-month suspension imposed by the Attorney General’s Office.

In addition to the FAO embassy, the document mentions the creation of more than 14 advisors, 25 specialized professionals, 20 minister advisors, 21 foreign relations advisors, nine foreign secretaries, and 27 diplomatic mission assistants. These new positions have drawn criticism, as they seem to contradict the government’s push for austerity within the country.

The decision to appoint Benedetti to a new diplomatic role has raised eyebrows, especially given his previous involvement in a scandal. However, the government seems determined to expand its diplomatic presence abroad, despite the controversy surrounding the decision. It remains to be seen how these new embassies and positions will be received by the public and whether they will effectively serve the country’s interests on the international stage.

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