Gustavo Petro reacts to suspension, María Fernanda Cabal responds: “Calm down”


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Álvaro Leyva, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, has been officially removed from his position after accepting a three-month suspension by the Attorney General’s Office due to the passport bidding scandal. Leyva announced his compliance with the sanction in a letter to the attorney general, Margarita Cabello. He acknowledged that he had not previously complied with the measure, but has now decided to separate himself from the exercise of his functions as Minister of Foreign Affairs.

President Gustavo Petro expressed his thoughts on the situation, stating that Leyva only complied with orders issued from the Presidency. He criticized the attorney Margarita Cabello for creating the figure of “self-suspension” and emphasized that it is “the president who appoints and it is the president who suspends.”

The senator of the Democratic Center, Maria Fernanda Cabal, criticized President Petro and accused him of wanting to eliminate the separation of powers. She also questioned the suspension of Leyva without highlighting the alleged omissions of the Attorney General’s Office in the face of the corruption scandal that involved the previous government’s ICT Minister, Karen Abudinen.

Former candidate for Mayor of Bogotá, Gustavo Bolívar, referred to the Leyva case as tricks of “corruption mafias” and accused them of taking over control and oversight entities, guaranteeing impunity and persecution for those who interfere with their business.

The political world also announced irregularities in the 12 decrees with which appointments and changes in the staff of several Colombian embassies were notified, especially the official designation of Armando Benedetti as Colombia’s ambassador to the FAO. Enrique Gómez, leader of the National Salvation party, has announced an annulment action to overthrow Benedetti’s appointment.

The case of Álvaro Leyva has sparked controversy and criticism from various political figures. The situation has raised questions about the handling of corruption scandals and the actions of government officials. It remains to be seen how this will impact the political landscape in Colombia.

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