Gustavo Petro denounces coup for appointing only women as Attorney General


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President Petro has expressed concerns about a plan to destabilize his government. He made a controversial statement on his official social media account, where he nominated people to lead the investigative body. He stated that presenting a shortlist of decent women for the position of attorney general of the nation has caused a political earthquake and has led to some powerful people considering a coup d’├ętat.

The president’s message has been described as a “call for civil confrontation” by the president of Congress. After being ridiculed for his attempt to translate his message into several languages, Petro once again insisted on seeking the support of citizens through social mobilization. He denounced an alleged “institutional rupture” in the face of an investigation against him for violations of financing limits and other irregularities during his presidential campaign.

Petro also referred to the temporary suspension of the Minister of Foreign Affairs and accused the prosecutor’s office of investigating him, using torture and pressure on witnesses. He criticized the criminalization of contributions to political parties and announced that his coalition of leftist movements would denounce the alleged attempt at destabilization before the Inter-American Court of Human Rights.

The representative to the Chamber for Antioquia, Alejandro Toro, announced that he would present a complaint before the Inter-American Court of Human Rights for the institutional breakdown in Colombia. He plans to travel to Washington with other congressmen to begin the process, arguing that it is a serious threat to democracy in Latin America.

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