Gustavo Costas’ measure that shattered Juan Fernando Quintero’s heart


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Juan Fernando Quintero, a Colombian soccer player who has played for both Medellín teams, is making headlines in Argentina. He is a key figure for Racing Club and is preparing for a new season with the Avellaneda team. Racing Club will be competing in the Copa Sudamericana, and the team has hired Gustavo Costas as the new technical director.

Costas, a 60-year-old Argentine coach, has expressed his affection towards Racing Club and has imposed a controversial measure on the team. He has strictly prohibited his followers from wearing red clothing, taking into account the rivalry between Racing Club and Independiente, the team’s main rival. This measure directly affects Juan Fernando Quintero, who is a fan of a team whose shirt is the same color that was “banned” from the Avellaneda team.

Despite his love for Atlético Nacional, the team with which he became known in international football, Quintero is a fan of the team currently coached by Alfredo Arias. He will be playing alongside fellow Colombians Roger Martínez and Johan Carbonero, and is expected to be a key player in Gustavo Costas’ scheme. Costas has praised Quintero, stating that he wants to adapt the Antioquian to his style of play because he is a different and high-class player.

In addition to Quintero, Costas has also praised Martínez and Carbonero, stating that the Colombians in attack, especially the wingers, are the best in Argentine soccer. He has expressed his desire to adapt the team to give a lot, and has high expectations for the upcoming season. The controversial measure imposed by Costas has sparked a debate in Argentina, but it remains to be seen how it will affect the team’s performance in the upcoming tournaments.

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