Guillem Ramis Honored with Completion of Tour


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The Illes Balears Arabay Cycling team is going through a difficult time. The UCI Continental team recently received devastating news of the death of former cyclist Guillem Ramis, who was a team assistant. This tragic event occurred at the finish line, leading to the cancellation of the fourth stage of the Valencian round. The team is deeply saddened by this loss.

Despite the heartbreaking news, the team has decided to honor Ramis by continuing to compete in the race. They have been actively participating in breakaways and have made their presence known in the competition. The team expressed their sadness in a statement, remembering Ramis for his dedication, positive attitude, and love for the sport. They paid tribute to him by saying, “We will always remember your predisposition and involvement in the project, your smiles and anecdotes to make our trips more enjoyable and your love for this sport. RIP Guillem.”

In memory of Ramis, the Illes Balears Arabay team will have a special place in the minute of silence that the Volta organization has scheduled before the start of the fifth stage. This gesture shows the team’s respect and love for their former colleague.

The team’s decision to continue racing despite the tragic loss reflects their resilience and determination. They are facing this difficult time with strength and unity, showing their commitment to the sport and to honoring the memory of their teammate.

The Illes Balears Arabay Cycling team has been a prominent presence in the cycling world since its establishment last October. They have shown their dedication and passion for the sport, and their performance in the Valencian round has been commendable. Despite the challenges they are currently facing, the team remains focused on their goals and continues to compete with determination and spirit.

The loss of Guillem Ramis has deeply affected the team, but they are finding solace in their shared love for cycling and their commitment to honoring his memory. The support and solidarity of the cycling community have been a source of strength for the team during this difficult time.

As they continue to compete in the Valencian round and future races, the Illes Balears Arabay team will carry the memory of Guillem Ramis with them. They will race with his spirit in their hearts, honoring his legacy and embodying the resilience and determination that he exemplified. The team’s unity and strength will guide them through this challenging period, and they will continue to inspire and uplift the cycling community with their passion and dedication.

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