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Guide to Receiving Bono 600 Hogares de la Patria: Eligibility Criteria and Payment Schedule

Bono 600 for Hogares de la Patria: A Brief History

The Bono 600 for Hogares de la Patria has become one of the most important subsidies in the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela. The subsidy, which was distributed in 2018 through the Patria System, aimed to provide economic aid to the Venezuelan people during the country’s economic restructuring. The bonus represented 600 bolivars, equivalent to a little over 20 dollars at the time.

Recently, the bonus became a trending topic again after a 2018 video of President Nicolás Maduro leaked on WhatsApp. In the video, Maduro stated that the government would deliver the “Economic Reconversion Bond”, also known as Bono 600 for Homes of the Homeland, to 10 million people registered through the Patria System. However, the distribution of the bonus ended in 2018, so it is impossible to receive it now.

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The bonus was delivered from August 17, 2018, and was distributed via the Patria System by scanning the Carnet de la Patria through the VeQR application. Its distribution aims to coincide with an economic reconversion, wherein Maduro removed five zeros from the currency, which he called the “sovereign bolivar.” The bonus was well-received by the Venezuelan people at the time, given the country’s economic situation.

In conclusion, while the Bono 600 for Hogares de la Patria is not currently being distributed, its history provides valuable insight into the economic struggles of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela. The bonus was a welcome economic aid during a period of currency reconstruction, and it remains an important part of the country’s economic history.

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