Guatemalan Indigenous Leader to Campaign for Presidency in June

First Indigenous Woman and Former Human Rights Attorney Register as Presidential Candidates in Guatemala

Thelma Cabrera and Jordán Rodas, from the Movement for the Liberation of the Peoples (MLP), have officially filed their candidacy for the presidential elections in Guatemala, which will take place on June 25th. Cabrera, an indigenous Maya Mam and leader of the Peasant Development Committee, came in fourth in the 2019 general elections with 456,000 votes. Rodas, a former Guatemalan human rights attorney, is known for his criticism of the current government and opposition to corruption.

Analysts expect the extreme right and some supporters of corruption will try to prevent Cabrera and Rodas from participating in the elections. This is what happened to former anti-corruption prosecutor Thelma Aldana, who was banned from the 2019 elections due to unfounded allegations and forced her into exile in the United States.

If elected, Cabrera and Rodas would make Guatemalan history by becoming the country’s first indigenous woman president and vice president, respectively. If they receive sufficient votes, they may be able to improve the current government’s position on social, human rights and environmental issues. However, the attempt to ban their candidacy highlights how challenging that effort may be.

The upcoming elections will determine the President, 160 legislators in Congress, 20 in the Central American Parliament and 340 municipal mayors for the 2024-2028 term.

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