Guatemala to Requests Visas for Dominicans Amid Growing Migratory Flow

Guatemala Requests Visas from Dominican Citizens to Prevent Immigration

The Government of Alejandro Giammattei announced Tuesday (01.24.2023) that Guatemala would require visa’s from citizens of the Dominican Republic to prevent irregular immigration into the US.

The Guatemalan Immigration Institute (IGM) stated that “after a series of analyses, and in order to regularize the migration situation in the country,” the government has decided to require the category B visa for people from the Dominican Republic.

The government also mentioned that in 2022 alone, 1393 Dominicans were rejected entry into Guatemala for not meeting requirements, in contrast to 474 rejections in 2021. 37 Dominicans were also provided humanitarian aid that same year, but were later deported from Guatemalan territory.

The B visa, managed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Consular Network, will become active in 15 days, allowing the visitee to enter, transit and stay up to 90 days in Guatemala.

Thousands of Central American people nearby use Guatemala as a path to Mexico and the US in order to flee poverty and violence, according to authorities and human rights organizations alike.

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