Guatemala Requests Visa for Dominicans Amid Migration Flow

Guatemala Requests Visa for Citizens of the Dominican Republic to Prevent Irregular Migration

The government of Guatemala, led by Alejandro Giammattei, has announced on Tuesday that it will request a visa for citizens of the Dominican Republic as a way to impede irregular migration towards the United States.

The Guatemalan Immigration Institute acknowledged that that decision has been taken in light of the increase of irregular migratory flow from the Dominican Republic and in order to “regularize the migratory situation” in the country. According to the authorities, in regard to this matter, 1,393 Dominicans were rejected in 2022 and 37 were given humanitarian aid, although they were later expelled from Guatemalan territory.

The visa, of category B, gives the right to enter, transit and stay for the maximum amount of 90 days in Guatemalan territory. This new requirement is determined to enter into force in the following 15 days.

Thousands of people from Central American countries have used Guatemala as a route to reach Mexico and later the United States to try to escape poverty and violence, according to authorities and representatives of human rights.

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