Guardians of the Galaxy actress excited to work with James Gunn at DC


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After making a name for himself with the Guardians of the Galaxy trilogy in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, James Gunn has moved on to become a key figure at DC Studios. This transition has left behind a number of actors, including Zoe Saldaña, who recently expressed her willingness to join Gunn in his new universe in a recent interview with ComicBook.

Saldaña, who portrayed Gamora in the Guardians of the Galaxy films, stated that she would be open to working with DC Studios. She expressed her love for superhero universes of all kinds, especially because her children are currently obsessed with comics and superheroes. She sees the opportunity to be part of projects that her children will grow up watching as a dream come true.

In addition to Saldaña, Chris Pratt, who played Peter Quill in the MCU, has also expressed interest in working with James Gunn again. While he did not specify a particular role, he mentioned that he was open to the idea of joining DC Studios to collaborate with Gunn once more.

As of now, it remains uncertain whether these two Guardians of the Galaxy stars will have the chance to fulfill their aspirations. However, it is worth noting that other actors and actresses, such as David Corenswet, Rachel Brosnahan, Nathan Fillion, and Milly Alcock, have already joined the new DC Universe.

The potential addition of Saldaña and Pratt to the DC Universe could bring a fresh dynamic to the superhero genre, as both actors have already proven their ability to bring beloved characters to life on the big screen. Their willingness to work with James Gunn again demonstrates the strong working relationship they share, which could lead to exciting new projects in the future.

While there are no official announcements at this time, the possibility of seeing these familiar faces in the DC Universe has certainly sparked the interest of fans and industry insiders alike. Only time will tell if Saldaña and Pratt will have the opportunity to bring their talents to the world of DC superheroes.

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