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Guam Assesses Damage After Devastating Typhoon Mawar

Super Typhoon Mawar hit the island of Guam on Wednesday with winds reaching 225 kilometers per hour and waves up to nine meters high. The now category 4 storm has led to widespread power and water outages and severe flooding. The authorities of Guam are assessing the impact of the typhoon, which has already caused devastation on the island and is expected to move northwestward across the archipelago and Mariana Islands. Although Guam is no longer expected to experience typhoon conditions, tropical storm force winds and heavy rain are still expected for the next few hours. Civil Defense has urged the population to stay safe in shelters and out of the water due to potentially dangerous conditions.

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Mawar battered the island of Guam on Wednesday with sustained winds of 145 mph and waves up to 30 feet high. Videos and images show the impact of the powerful winds and storms, including downed trees, swept away vehicles, and destroyed buildings. Although several roads appear to be passable, many accumulate huge puddles of water, mud and other debris. While there have been no reports of deaths or injuries so far, authorities are beginning to count the trail of destruction left behind by the passing typhoon, which has become a super typhoon after registering maximum sustained winds of at least 241 kilometers per hour while moving over open water.

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For Thursday, gusts of winds of between 65 and 80 kilometers per hour are anticipated as the typhoon moves away from the Mariana Islands. The authorities continue to monitor the situation and work to ensure the safety of the population. The impact of the storm serves as a reminder of the importance of preparedness and early warning systems, especially in areas prone to natural disasters.

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