Greta Thunberg Involved in Environmental Protest Turned Brawls in Lützeraht

Police and Protesters Clash During Rally Against Opencast Coal Mine

Thousands of protesters, led by Swedish environmentalist Greta Thunberg, clashed with police on Saturday during a rally against the expansion of an opencast coal mine in Lützerath in western Germany.

The security forces had sent out a tweet warning anyone from trying to penetrate the land of the coal mine, something that had been expressly prohibited.

Images showed a line of policemen in riot gear guarding the edges of the moat, tens of meters deep and protecting the access to the municipality of Lützerath, closed with bars and occupied by several dozen activists who had been being evacuated.

Greta Thunberg, addressing the crowd gathered, stated that “the coal is still in the ground, we are still here, Lützerath still exists, and as long as the coal is still underground, this fight will not be over. We are not going to give up”. She also criticised the sacrifice of human lives “for the benefit of some few incredibly rich people” and asked how it was possible that in 2023, we continue on “a path that leads to nothing”.

The activist urged the activists to not give up and that the change does not come from government, consortiums and leaders, but from people who protest on the street and in their homes.

Scores of anti-coal militants had tried to breach the prohibitive zoning and clashes between the forces of order and groups of protesters ensued, including throwing of fireworks and stones.

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