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Greece Predicts Improved Deficit in 2022

Greece Predicts Improved Deficit in 2022

Greece reduces its deficit in General Budgets for 2022

The Ministry of Finance of Greece presented data this Wednesday confirming that the country registered a deficit of 11,656 million euros in 2022. This is 1,744 million euros less than expected and a decrease from 2021, when the deficit was 14,872 million euros.

State revenue was lower than expected, at 59,623 million euros, 230 million euros less than the target set. The Ministry of Finance attributed this mainly to the low income recorded in the Public Investment Budget that year.

Total expenses of the State in 2022 totaled 71,279 million euros, 1,974 million less than the 73,253 expected. Expenditure on public investments reached 8,182 million euros in 2022, 681 million less than expected.

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