Gran Turismo 7 to be Fully Compatible with PS VR 2

Gran Turismo 7 to be Fully Compatible with PS VR 2

Gran Turismo 7 to Support PS VR 2

Kazunori Yamauchi, the creator of the Gran Turismo series, has recently announced that the upcoming Gran Turismo 7 will be fully compatible with the upcoming PlayStation VR 2.

Yamauchi said in an interview with FreeGameTips that Gran Turismo 7 was designed with VR functionality in mind from the beginning. As such, gamers can look forward to experiencing the extreme front-row feeling of the Gran Turismo racing universe with the improved virtual reality system.

He added that part of the reason they looked into making Gran Turismo 7 compatible with PS VR 2 was to make it easier for gamers who experience motion sickness when playing in VR. Yamauchi said he hopes that the features of PS VR 2, such as improved motion tracking and visual clarity, will improve the overall experience and make it more immersive for everyone.

The news has been met with great enthusiasm by gamers awaiting the release of the game, as there is nothing quite like experiencing racing in a full, immersive VR environment. With the game’s official release date still yet to be announced, fans can look forward to getting their hands on Gran Turismo 7 when it launches.

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