Government to transport water by boat from Valencia to Catalonia to ease drought


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The Darnius-Boadella reservoir in Catalonia, Spain is facing a severe drought, leading to water restrictions and shortages for six million people in the region. In response, the Spanish government has proposed transporting water by boat from a desalination plant in Valencia to Catalonia to alleviate the crisis.

The Minister of Ecological Transition, Teresa Ribera, has discussed this proposal with Carlos Mazón, the president of the Generalitat Valenciana. The lack of water has prompted Catalonia to implement a plan of restrictions, including a maximum water consumption limit of 200 liters per person per day, as well as restrictions on swimming pools, irrigation, agricultural, industrial, and recreational activities.

The Generalitat has emphasized the need for increased capacity at the desalination plant to meet the water needs of the region. President Carlos Mazón has expressed support for water solidarity between regions and emphasized the importance of prioritizing desalinated water for emergency oral consumption rather than irrigation.

In addition to the proposed water transport, there are discussions about addressing the water needs of the Valencian Community through measures such as water transfers and emergency plans for areas like the Albufera. The Valencian Government is committed to defending the right to water for its citizens.

Catalonia’s President, Pere Aragonès, has highlighted the severity of the drought, stating that the region has not experienced such a prolonged lack of rainfall in years. The climate emergency has led to strict water use limits, with different levels of emergency corresponding to reduced water consumption for various purposes, including agriculture, livestock, industry, and recreation.

Local administrations have the authority to establish additional limitations on water use, and non-domestic users are expected to comply with municipal or sectoral water savings plans. The situation has prompted calls for a complementary effort to address the drought crisis.

In conclusion, the drought in Catalonia has prompted urgent measures to address water shortages and restrictions. The proposed water transport from Valencia, along with other initiatives, aims to alleviate the impact of the drought on the region’s residents and industries. The situation underscores the importance of water management and solidarity between regions in addressing environmental challenges.

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