Gourmet Buffet for Bears: Keeping Them Away from Towns


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Pablo Ayerbe CasellesPolaciones (Cantabria), Jan 29 (EFE).- The Fund for the Protection of Wild Animals (Fapas) is working to improve the habitat of the brown bear in the Cantabrian Mountains. They are establishing small fruit plantations in the mountains to provide a food source for the bears and prevent them from wandering into towns.

The honorary director of Fapas, Roberto Hartasánchez, explains that the expansion of the bear population, while positive, has caused some issues as bears are venturing into towns in search of food. This has led to conflicts with residents and has also impacted the productivity of the towns.

The large tree plantations that were previously carried out to facilitate the expansion of bears have been ineffective, as many of the trees did not survive. To address this issue, Fapas has started planting small fruit trees, such as apples and cherries, in the mountains. This not only provides a food source for the bears but also helps to improve the survival rate of tree populations in the mountains.

The first area where the fruit plantations are being established is the surroundings of the Cantabrian municipality of Polaciones. Fapas has completed the planting of about 40 apple trees and 10 cherry trees on an abandoned farm in the mountains around Polaciones. The association plans to plant another 500 trees in this area, as well as in the region of Liébana, Bierzo (León), and the center of Asturias.

The project is being financed by EDP Renovables and aims to produce about 100 or 200 kilos of fruit per year per tree in about four or five years. This will provide a significant food source for the bear population and help to reduce their reliance on town settings for food.

In addition to benefiting the bear population, the initiative will also have a positive impact on other wildlife populations, such as deer, roe deer, wild boar, wolves, and birds. The project not only benefits the bears but also the entire ecosystem and the community as a whole.

Overall, the fruit plantations are a proactive approach to addressing the challenges posed by the expansion of the bear population while also benefiting the local ecosystem and communities. Fapas is committed to working with residents and landowners to ensure the success of the project and the well-being of the wildlife in the Cantabrian Mountains.

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