Google Maps Helps Plan Electric Car Trips with Charging Points

Google Maps Helps Plan Electric Car Trips with Charging Points

Google Maps show you electric car charging points

Google Maps has added a feature that helps those with electric vehicles travel with peace of mind. The Google Maps app lets you locate and plan your trips by displaying the charging points of your electric car.

The feature is available to cars under MeriStation and is another addition to Google Maps’ existing array of services. Not only will it help you find the closest charging station to your destination, but it will also provide you with information such as the charging port type, opening hours, and the price of the service.

This helps travelers plan their trips, even with huge distance, beforehand, helping them avoid running out of charge which is an issue faced by all electric vehicles.This service also benefits electric car owners who don’t have a clear idea of what to expect on their travels due to low knowledge of the charging infrastructure at a given place.

Google’s initiative helps electric car drivers plan their trips, starting from the path they take to their destination and to charging points along the way. It is a major step forward in increasing the adoption rate of electric cars, giving travelers a better and safer experience.

This feature is an extension of the ‘Your Timeline’ service, which helps you keep track of your travels. With the help of automatic trip logging, you can see your day-to-day, address-by-address clear route of travel, which is immensely helpful for occasions where you need to move out for extended periods of time.

Google Maps is currently testing its electric vehicle charging point feature in select cities and is expected to be rolled out more widely in the coming months.

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