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Goodbye forever to pigeons in your window or balcony: the homemade trick that will drive them away forever

The is coming summer and surely you will want to open the balcony and the windows of the house. However, depending on where you live or the height of your apartment, it is possible that the pigeons They are visiting you every two by three, with the risk of entering the house, and not only that. They can also end up staining the balcony, the railing or end up pecking at the plants that you have on your balcony or terrace. luckily it exists a homemade “trick” that will allow you to say goodbye to the pigeons forever in your window or balcony.

Trick to say goodbye to pigeons in the window or on the balcony

If you want to say goodbye to the pigeons on your balcony, terrace or window, you can resort to the most effective trick of all, which will consist of resorting to plants that due to its smell or its characteristics do not invite at all that pigeons and other birds want to perch outside our house. These are the top 5:

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If you live in a dry and warm area, cacti will survive on your balcony without any problem, but they are also the most effective to not see the pigeons all summer due to its surface full of thorns.


Lavender, which stands out for its sweet and intense smell, is something that everyone likes a lot, but it is also the best repellent against pigeons. Also benefit from having colorful flowers, since you will avoid pigeons but you can also decorate the balcony or terrace in a beautiful way.


As with lavender, basil is also a good solution to avoid seeing pigeons on balconies or windows, since It has a smell that is too intense for them. In fact, it is a plant that smells very strong for them, so it will not even occur to them to approach it.

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On the other hand, basil hase essential oils such as eugenol and citronellol which in themselves are a natural repellent for birdssince it emits a substance that is spicy for them, so as we say, as soon as they detect the basil they will fly away and will not return.


Like basil, rosemary is another aromatic plant that we love but that the pigeons can’t stand. In addition, having it will help you to always have a good seasoning for your dishes and it is also easy to care for.


Catnip or catnip is the last of the recommended plants to say goodbye to pigeons on the balcony, because although cats love it, pigeons are very annoyed by its intense mint aroma.

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