‘Good Times’ Star Jimmie Walker on Norman Lear’s Impact (Exclusive)


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Jimmie Walker, best known for his role as J.J. Evans on the hit 1970s sitcom “Good Times,” recently sat down for an exclusive interview to discuss the legacy of legendary television producer Norman Lear.

Lear, who is responsible for creating some of the most iconic and groundbreaking television shows of all time, has had a profound impact on the entertainment industry. From “All in the Family” to “The Jeffersons” to “Maude,” Lear’s shows tackled important social issues and pushed the boundaries of what was acceptable to discuss on television.

Walker spoke about the impact that Lear’s shows had on society, particularly in the way they addressed issues of race, class, and politics. He emphasized the importance of representation on television and how Lear’s shows helped to bring the experiences of African Americans and other marginalized communities into the mainstream.

In addition to discussing Lear’s impact on television, Walker also reflected on his own experiences working with the legendary producer. He shared anecdotes from his time on the set of “Good Times” and talked about the lasting friendships he formed with his co-stars.

Walker also discussed the enduring popularity of “Good Times” and how the show continues to resonate with audiences today. He attributed the show’s success to its relatable characters and the universal themes it addressed, such as family, love, and resilience.

Overall, Walker’s interview shed light on the lasting legacy of Norman Lear and the impact he has had on the television industry. His shows continue to be celebrated for their groundbreaking storytelling and their ability to spark important conversations about social issues. As for Walker, he remains grateful for the opportunity to have been a part of Lear’s television legacy and continues to be an advocate for diverse and inclusive storytelling in the entertainment industry.

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