Glorious Day: Hymns of Faith Review


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As a devout fan of Casting Crowns and a lover of hymns, I was thrilled to get my hands on the ‘Glorious Day: Hymns of Faith’ album. This album is a beautiful fusion of classic hymns and contemporary music, delivered with the signature heartfelt vocals of Casting Crowns.


  • Timeless Hymns: The album features timeless hymns from the late 19th and early 20th century, preserving the cherished lyrics while presenting them with refreshing musical arrangements.
  • Stunning Vocals: The vocals on this album are nothing short of breathtaking. Each track is delivered with passion and sincerity, making for a truly moving listening experience.
  • Diverse Selection: From the uplifting ‘Glorious Day’ to the haunting rendition of ‘Beulah Land,’ the album offers a diverse selection of hymns that cater to different moods and emotions.
  • Uplifting and Inspirational: The album’s music and lyrics are deeply uplifting, providing a sense of peace and comfort, making it perfect for moments of reflection and worship.


  • Minor Updates: While the updates in music presentation breathe new life into the hymns, some purists may prefer a more traditional approach.

Overall, ‘Glorious Day: Hymns of Faith’ is a remarkable album that seamlessly blends the rich heritage of hymns with contemporary musical artistry. It’s a testament to Casting Crowns’ ability to breathe new life into timeless classics while staying true to their essence. Whether you’re a fan of hymns, contemporary Christian music, or Casting Crowns, this album is a must-have for your collection.

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