Global Efforts to Combat Green Corruption Led from Basel

Green Corruption Fight Gains Traction as Basel Institute Takes Center Stage

The global environmental crisis has brought green corruption to the forefront of the global agenda. Green corruption, or activities which cause harm to the environment and biodiversity, has long plagued conservation efforts. An organization at the epicenter of these efforts is the Basel Institute for Governance.

At a week-long International Anti-Corruption Conference in Washington DC, held in December 2022, the Basel Institute, along with Transparency International, WWF and TRAFFIC, launched a forum to foster collaboration between conservationists and anti-corruption activists. In an interview with SwissInfo, the head of the Institute’s Green Corruption Program, Juhan Grossman, described how the Institute has been working with state agencies in Latin America and elsewhere to strengthen their capacities to detect and address environmental crime, as well as to prevent corruption.

Grossman highlighted how the fight against corruption within the renewable energy sector is becoming increasingly important, as well as the work that is still to be done in terms of valuing the losses caused by environmental crimes. Additionally,Grossman suggested that the use of financial tools such as asset confiscation, as well as reinforcing the immunity of institutions dedicated to the prevention of corruption, are currently the most promising strategies to tackle green corruption.

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