Global Baseball Showdown Kicks Off

The World Baseball Classic began

After more than a year of delay due to the pandemic, the World Baseball Classic (WBC) is finally back. The fifth edition of the tournament, featuring 20 teams from five continents, is taking place from March 8 to 21. The WBC is the only competition that awards the title of world champion to the winner, as agreed upon by the World Baseball and Softball Confederation. This year, the tournament is being played across four venues, with the United States hosting two groups. The focus is on the defending champions from the United States, who are aiming to repeat their victory from 2017, but they face stiff competition from the Dominican Republic, Japan, Venezuela, and Puerto Rico, among others. The WBC is also notable for bringing together players from major American leagues to represent their countries. The Czech Republic team, made up of firefighters, geography teachers, and other professionals, is also attracting attention. The tournament’s rules have been adjusted over the years, with special provisions for ties and rest periods for pitchers. The organizers are hoping to break attendance records this year, as interest in baseball continues to grow.

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