Girl’s Advice to Boyfriend’s Lover: Save Your Relationship (Viral Video)


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Diana Wong, an influencer who was recently awarded as the breakout creator of the 2023 TikTok Awards, made an appearance on the ‘En bon ped*’ podcast a few days ago. During the podcast, she shared a viral story about giving love advice to her boyfriend’s lover without realizing it.

In a video clip that has gained over 3.5 million views on TikTok, Diana recounts an encounter at a club where she saw a girl crying. She approached the girl and offered her some advice after learning that the girl was having relationship troubles with a guy she was dating. Little did Diana know, the guy in question was actually her own boyfriend.

Diana encouraged the girl to give the guy a chance and to work on their relationship, not realizing that she was advising her boyfriend’s lover. The girl thanked Diana for her advice, and they continued to chat. The girl showed Diana her phone and revealed that her boyfriend had not been responding to her messages for a long time. When the girl showed Diana a photo of her boyfriend, Diana realized that it was her own boyfriend.

Diana was shocked by the coincidence, as she lives in a small community where everyone knows each other. She was afraid to tell the girl that the man in the photo was her boyfriend, fearing that her friends might cause trouble for her.

The video does not show how Diana confronted her ex-boyfriend or what the resolution of the story was, but she later revealed on YouTube that she had called her boyfriend and confronted him about the situation. He convinced her to continue their relationship by claiming that he was loyal to her, despite his actions.

Many internet users reacted to Diana’s story, with some expressing surprise, humor, and empathy. Some shared similar experiences, while others found the story to be entertaining. Overall, Diana’s story has sparked a variety of reactions from TikTok users.

In conclusion, Diana’s viral story about giving love advice to her boyfriend’s lover has captured the attention of many internet users. The unexpected twist of the story has led to a range of reactions, showcasing the power of storytelling and the impact of personal experiences shared on social media.

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