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Get up OK | Today we take to the streets in Barcelona with Desokupa to kick out Ada Colau!

“Today we mobilize,” says Javier Cárdenas. At 9 in the afternoon in Barcelona, ​​we meet at Plaza Universidad and go to the Plaza de España to protest against Ada Colau and her misrule, which also protects the squatters. Those who support the squatting say that those of us against it are fascists. We have Dani Esteve from Desokupa on the program, who tells us that this demonstration is from Civil Society against unsanitary conditions and against Ada Colau, a demonstration that Javier Cárdenas is going to join, as he has told him on the program. Along with the conveners are 150,000 people who have motorcycles in Barcelona, ​​because riding a motorcycle through this city is impossible, fed up neighbors, restaurant staff, police groups, locksmiths, cleaning staff, taxi drivers, self-employed workers. “I think everyone except Ada Colau and the squatters goes,” says Dani Esteve. Javier Cárdenas says that «I think that the first time that a politician, really, backfires, also having almost all the media in his favor, because let’s remember that Ada Colau, in Barcelona what It does is inject money into the media so that, for example, the other day when the Bonanova thing happened, there was more talk about Desokupa than about some scoundrels who had come out with axes to persecute kids, that is the shame of what we live in Barcelona with the information». We are waiting for you today at 9 pm in Plaza Universidad de Barcelona.

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