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WhatsApp Plus releases new version with anti-ban protection

WhatsApp is a widely popular messaging app that allows users to send photos, videos, and GIFs, among other media. Despite its useful functions, many people have opted to download WhatsApp Plus, a modified version of the app. However, using the exclusive functions for prolonged periods can result in temporary or permanent suspensions.

The developers of WhatsApp Plus have recently released a new version, V17.30, which includes anti-ban protection to prevent users from being banned. To download the APK, users must enter their phone number and receive a verification code from the link provided.

The latest version has a larger custom font and a new UI design called “Msg A Number.” Users can hide the Save and Mark buttons on the Status Page and can add or hide the camera icon from the top home bar. With WhatsApp Plus, users can edit messages, create an avatar, and view status from the contact info page, among other features.

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It is crucial to note that users who have been previously banned and penalized with a counter must wait for the time to end before installing the APK. Additionally, it is recommended to have the latest version of WhatsApp Plus to prevent suspension.

If WhatsApp bans a user’s account, they must uninstall WhatsApp Plus and download the normal WhatsApp from Google Play. Users must then log in and delete the cache. It is recommended to wait for the counter to finish to prevent a lifetime ban.

In conclusion, WhatsApp Plus has released a new version that includes anti-ban protection. While it provides exclusive functions, prolonged use can result in suspension or lifetime bans. It is crucial to have the latest version and wait for the time to end if previously banned.

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