Get Ready to Watch YoonA and Lee Junho in King The Land K-drama on Netflix – Release Date Revealed


K-drama Fans Rejoice as YoonA and Lee Junho Pair Up in King The Land

K-drama fans have been eagerly waiting for the dream pairing of YoonA and Lee Junho, and now, the wait is finally over with JTBC’s upcoming drama, King The Land. The pair received a lot of attention after their well-received performance at the 2021 MBC Award Senorita event, leading fans to demand to see them together in a romantic Korean drama.

Release Date of King The Land on Netflix

The wait is almost over for fans who can’t wait to see YoonA and Lee Junho in King The Land, which will air on JTBC on June 17 at 10.30 pm KST/9.30 am ET/2.30 pm BST. The drama will be later available on the same date on Netflix in selected regions including Japan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, and Taiwan.

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King The Land’s Lead Cast Chemistry

The steamy chemistry of King The Land’s lead cast featuring YoonA and Lee Junho has caused a stir among fans. Social media was lit up after the release of the trailer, with Twitter users praising the duo’s comfort level and beautiful visuals. Fans are eagerly anticipating the dramatic pool scene featured in the trailer.

The Supportive Cast of King The Land

Along with YoonA and Lee Junho, fans will also get to see some familiar faces from Korean TV in King The Land, including Kim Ga Eun as Kang Da Eul, Ahn Se Ha as Noh Sang Sik, Kim Jae Won as Lee Roon, and Go Won Hee as Oh Pyung Hwa.

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