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Germany Grapples with Housing Challenges of Winter Migrant Influx from Balkans

Germany Grapples with Housing Challenges of Winter Migrant Influx from Balkans

German cities have experienced a new wave of refugees this winter, with migrants from Balkan countries seeking asylum due to poor living conditions and the cold weather in their home countries. According to the press officer for Cologne, Katja Reuter, Cologne has seen a greater influx of immigrants from the Western Balkans than it did during the wars that occurred in the region between 1991 and 2001. The Western Balkans route has become the most used in 2022, with Frontex recording 145,600 illegal entries, the highest number observed since 2015. The European Union has decided to increase its presence on the borders of the Western Balkans, deploying more staff to reduce illegal immigration. Cologne currently houses those who come to the city, even though it does not offer refugees from the Balkans refugee status until they receive it from German immigration authorities. The biggest challenge, however, is finding affordable apartments for everyone. Upper Bavaria, where Munich is located, is currently hosting 850 migrants from the Balkan countries, almost double the previous year, with most coming from North Macedonia, Kosovo, and Serbia. The growing tensions between Serbia and Kosovo could bring more migrants to the region in the future. The government of Upper Bavaria has been expanding the number of accommodations available to welcome all migrants.

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