German Parliament Declares Islamic State Atrocities Against Yazidis a ‘Genocide’

German Bundestag Recognizes 2014 Yazidi Atrocities as Genocide

On Thursday 19.1.2023, the German Bundestag voted unanimously in favor of a resolution recognizing the atrocities committed against the Yazidis in 2014 as genocide by the radical Islamic state militia.

The resolution, presented jointly by the groups that make up the government coalition and the CDU/CSU, was supported by all members present and reads, “;The German Bundestag bows to the victims of war crimes and crimes against humanity committed by the Islamic State.”

German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock spoke on the Bundestag rostrum, “Our mission is not only to recognize it, but also to render justice to the victims.” The Bundestag text also calls for legal proceedings against suspects in Germany and financial support for collecting evidence in Iraq and support for the reconstruction of destroyed Yazidi colonies.

Mirza Dinnayi, a fervent defender of the Yazidi cause, said, “The importance of the German recognition is based on the fact that it includes measures to eliminate the consequences of genocide.”

The Yazidis, an ancient religious minority in Asia, were targeted by the Islamic State militia in an alleged campaign of genocide. This historic resolution from the German Bundestag is a significant step in providing justice to the victims of these atrocities.

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