German Defense Minister Resigns, Hands Reins to Chancellor Scholz

German Defense Minister Resigns From Post Amid Controversy

Christine Lambrecht, Germany’s Defense Minister, has tendered her resignation to German Chancellor Olaf Scholz after finding herself in the middle of media and social network criticism regarding a video she posted on New Year’s Eve.

In a statement, Lambrecht mentioned that the “months with me in the spotlight of the media” has tarred objective debates on Germany’s military and security policies. She further added that the valuable work of the soldiers and many people in her portfolio should be in the center of attention until her successor takes over.

This decision was met with understanding among political leaders, looking ahead to a successor in the ministry who can lay the groundwork for a discussion about Germany’s future security policy.

The news for Lambrecht’s resignation was first reported by the AFP, Reuters, DPA, AP, and other news outlets that are still in the process of developing their coverage on the matter.

It has been just three months since Lambrecht was sworn in as defense minister after the last minister, Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer, abruptly standing down to pursue the chairmanship of the Christian Democratic Union.

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