Geraldine Bazán’s Unique XV Party Celebration


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Geraldine Bazán’s eldest daughter, Elissa Marie, is getting ready to celebrate her 15th birthday on February 17. To kick off the celebrations, Geraldine took her daughter and two of her best friends on a trip to Vidanta, a resort in Nuevo Vallarta, Nayarit, Mexico. Elissa Marie had a great time and even blew out the candles on a cake during the trip.

In an interview, Elissa Marie revealed that she didn’t want a traditional 15th birthday party because it would stress her out. She preferred to celebrate with a trip instead. Geraldine Bazán fully supported her daughter’s decision.

Geraldine Bazán also spoke about her daughter’s first love, saying that she is not worried but rather protective. She trusts her daughter to make smart decisions when it comes to relationships.

There have been rumors about Geraldine Bazán’s own love life as well. She has been seen with actor Alejandro Nones at various events, leading to speculation about their relationship. They have been seen together at a gala dinner during the Cannes Film Festival, but they have not confirmed anything.

This would be Geraldine Bazán’s third known partner since her divorce from Gabriel Soto in 2018. Her first known boyfriend after the divorce was Santiago Ramundo, followed by Luis Murillo. Now, it seems that she may be dating Alejandro Nones, but nothing has been confirmed.

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