Geraldine Bazán addresses alleged romance with Giovanni Medina


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Geraldine Bazán has been in the spotlight lately due to rumors about her alleged romance with Giovanni Medina. The actress, who has been linked to Ninel Conde’s ex since they were spotted vacationing together at Disneyland, Florida, last year, has been facing questions from the media about her love life.

During a recent encounter with reporters at the Mexico City Airport, Geraldine was asked about her relationship with Giovanni. She responded by saying she was doing well and made it clear that she did not want to discuss her personal life. She even mentioned that her 14-year-old daughter already has a boyfriend, indicating that she prefers to keep her private life private.

The rumors about Geraldine and Giovanni’s alleged romance have been circulating since September 2023. The speculation grew stronger after they were seen together at one of Luis Miguel’s concerts in Mexico City. Despite the attention they received, neither of them confirmed nor denied the relationship when questioned about their closeness.

Geraldine’s response to the media’s inquiries has been firm and consistent. She has made it clear that she does not want to discuss her love life and has politely excused herself from further questioning. It seems that she is focused on her family and career, and she wants to keep her personal matters out of the public eye.

It’s important to respect Geraldine’s wishes and give her the privacy she desires. As a public figure, she is entitled to keep certain aspects of her life private, and it’s important for the media and the public to understand and respect her boundaries.

In conclusion, Geraldine Bazán has made it clear that she does not want to discuss her alleged romance with Giovanni Medina. She has politely declined to comment on her love life and has emphasized the importance of privacy. It’s essential to respect her wishes and allow her to maintain her personal life away from the public spotlight.

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