Gema Aldón’s Surgery to Reduce Vaginal Lip Size


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Gema Aldón has recently shared an update on her social media after undergoing a recent surgery. The daughter of Ana María Aldón is now in recovery and has posted a photo of the results, as well as sharing her experience with the procedure. She explained that the surgery she had is called labiaplasty, which involves reducing the size of the labia minora. This type of surgery aims to restore the labia to their natural size and appearance, with normal proportions.

In a later post, Gema expressed her happiness with the results of the operation, despite still feeling a bit groggy from the anesthesia. She also thanked her followers for their concern and the clinic where she had the procedure done. She mentioned that she plans to share a video of the entire process, from the initial tests to the post-surgery recovery, with her followers.

Labiaplasty is a surgical procedure that is performed to reduce the size of the labia minora or majora of the vagina. There are several benefits to this type of surgery, including increased comfort, improved hygiene, and a better appearance. Enlarged labia can cause discomfort during physical activities, sexual intercourse, or when wearing tight clothing. Additionally, reducing the size of the labia can help improve hygiene and reduce the risk of infections. Some women also opt for labiaplasty for cosmetic reasons, as they may feel uncomfortable with the appearance of their enlarged labia.

However, there are also potential drawbacks to consider when undergoing labiaplasty. Infection is the most common risk associated with any surgical procedure. In the case of labiaplasty, infection of the surgical wound can cause pain, redness, swelling, and discharge. Other risks include bleeding, allergic reactions, and cosmetic problems. Since labiaplasty is a delicate surgery, it is important to choose an experienced plastic surgeon to minimize the risk of cosmetic issues such as visible scarring or asymmetry.

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