Gasoline price in Madrid on February 9


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The price of gasoline and diesel in Madrid varies depending on a number of factors, including international oil prices, taxes, and distribution and marketing expenses. As of February 9, the maximum and minimum prices for diesel, Gasóleo A Premium, Gasoline 95 E5, and Gasoline 98 E5 are as follows:

– Diesel:
– Maximum price: 1.685 euros per liter
– Minimum price: 1.304 euros per liter

– Gasóleo A Premium:
– Maximum price: 1.819 euros per liter
– Minimum price: 1.369 euros per liter

– Gasoline 95 E5:
– Maximum price: 1.749 euros per liter
– Minimum price: 1.429 euros per liter

– Gasoline 98 E5:
– Maximum price: 1.889 euros per liter
– Minimum price: 1.609 euros per liter

The prices of fuel in Madrid are updated daily and can be found on the official page of the “Gas Station Geoportal” of the Ministry for the Ecological Transition and the Demographic Challenge. Gas station operators are required to send their prices at least once a week or whenever they change. Failure to update prices can result in gas stations being removed from the Geoportal and sanctioned for non-compliance.

The variation in gasoline prices depends on both national and international factors. While the international price of oil serves as a basis for determining the selling price of fuel, it does not directly determine the price. Fluctuations in the exchange rate between the dollar and the euro can also impact the cost of gasoline in euros. Additionally, the commercial margin and special taxes can also contribute to price variations.

It is important for consumers to stay informed about the current prices of gasoline and diesel in Madrid, as they are subject to frequent changes. Keeping track of these prices can help individuals make informed decisions about when and where to fill up their tanks.

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