Gare du Est Paralysed by ‘Voluntary Fire’ in Paris, Europe.

Paris East Station Train Service Interrupted All Day After Voluntary Fire

The Paris East Station train service will be interrupted “all day” after a “voluntary fire of cables electricity”, has the French railway company SNCF indicated this Tuesday (1.24.2023). Over half a million users use the station for many destinations, such as Paris to Germany.

A SNCF spokeswoman told to AFP that “traffic will be interrupted all day” without giving further details. Earlier, the company estimated that the service would resume at 10:00 a.m. after being stopped at 05:00 a.m. after the said malicious act at a switch station.

The incident forced the complete stoppage of high-speed, regional and suburban train traffic–at a time of great influx in the early hours of the morning of people who go to work.

The Minister of Transport ClĂ©ment Beaune, in an interview with France Info radio station, confirmed that it is “a malicious act” and added that it is not yet known who is behind it; also reminding that such actions take place “regularly”, for example to steal material.

Over 41 million travelers pass the Gare du Est each year, one of the six major Parisian stations that connects the capital to cities such as Strasbourg (northeast) and destinations like Germany and Luxembourg.

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