Gameplay Video of “The Day Before” Leaves Fans Disappointed

Gameplay Video of “The Day Before” Leaves Fans Disappointed

New ‘The Day Before’ Gameplay Video Disappoints Fans

The Day Before, a new post-apocalyptic open-world survival game, has released a new gameplay video and has left fans disappointed.

The game, developed by Fntastic, had already generated quite the buzz with its unique moody atmosphere and stunning visuals. That left many fans expecting more from the game’s first official gameplay video.

Commenters noted that the visuals in the video seemed to have taken a step down from the impression that was made by the pre-release screenshots. The zombie enemies in the video also seemed to lack animation and appeared to move in a disjointed fashion.

The good news is that the game still has time for improvements and polish before it releases. Fans are also hoping for more detailed visuals and improved zombie enemies over its development cycle as well.

The Day Before is currently scheduled for an Xbox Series X and PC release in 2021.

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