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MLB The Show, the popular baseball simulator created by a Californian studio owned by PlayStation Studios, has had an interesting journey over the years. While games developed by PlayStation Studios typically remain exclusive to their consoles, MLB The Show 21 made an important exception by also launching on Xbox consoles through Game Pass. This trend continued with MLB The Show 22 and 23, both of which were released on day one on Game Pass. This year, Xbox has confirmed that MLB The Show 24 will arrive on Game Pass at launch on March 19.

It’s worth noting that MLB The Show 24 will feature Vladimir Guerrero Jr. of the Toronto Blue Jays on the cover. This year’s version of the game includes gameplay improvements, visual enhancements, and fully updated team rosters. Despite having a large fan base in the United States, MLB games have less impact in Europe but still manage to maintain a good player base.

In a surprising move, MLB The Show 24 will be available on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, and Nintendo Switch on March 19, with a direct launch on Game Pass. However, PC players will not receive this new installment, at least not at launch.

It’s interesting to see the Xbox advertisement featuring the PlayStation Studios logo, indicating that this game is destined to be available on multiple platforms. In addition to Xbox, MLB The Show 24 will also be available on Nintendo Switch, further expanding its reach beyond PlayStation consoles.

Overall, the annual release of MLB The Show games has proven to be profitable, thanks to its dedicated fan base and the popularity of baseball in the United States. With each new installment, the game continues to attract players with its realistic gameplay and updated features. Whether you’re a fan of baseball or simply enjoy sports simulators, MLB The Show 24 is shaping up to be an exciting addition to the series.

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