Gabriel Soto and Geraldine Bazán’s Unforgettable 15th Birthday Gift


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Geraldine Bazán, the mother of the actor’s first-born, revealed that her daughter Elissa preferred to go on a trip with her friends to celebrate her 15th birthday, instead of having a big party. The family was spotted at the airport in Mexico City, where they were heading to Nuevo Vallarta, in the state of Nayarit, Mexico for the celebration.

Geraldine shared that Elissa did not want a traditional party, and instead chose to go on a trip with her friends. She expressed her excitement about being able to accompany the teenagers on their celebration trip, and mentioned that she was happy to see Elissa enjoying herself with her friends.

Although Elissa has not posted any pictures from the trip on her Instagram, her mother has shared some images of the beautiful landscapes they are enjoying. She also mentioned that they decorated their room with pink balloons to celebrate Elissa’s 15th birthday.

In January, Elissa surprised everyone by walking the catwalk at the ‘XV legacy’ event dress revelation, where she wore a XV dress. This was a special moment for her, as she did not have a traditional party but still got to wear the special dress for the occasion.

Overall, Elissa’s 15th birthday celebration was a unique and memorable experience for her, as she chose to spend it with her friends on a trip to the beach. Geraldine expressed her happiness in being able to accompany the teenagers and see Elissa enjoying herself with her friends. It was a special way for Elissa to celebrate her milestone birthday, and the memories from the trip will surely last a lifetime.

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