Funeral of Late Greek King Constantine II Celebrated in Athens

King Constantine II of Greece passes away at 82

The royal family of Greece is mourning the death of King Constantine II, aged 82. The former King died in an Athens hospital after suffering a stroke.

On Monday, a solemn European royal funeral was held in Athens Cathedral of the Annunciation of Saint Mary (or Metropolitan). Sovereigns from around the continent including the Kings and Queens of Spain, Sweden, Denmark, the Netherlands, Belgium, Prince Albert II of Monaco, the Crown Prince of Norway, the Grand Duke of Luxembourg and Princess Anne attended the ceremony to pay their last respect to the former Greek King.

The British royal family were represented by Princess Anne who was a cousin of Constantine II. There were speculations of Prince William being present since he was godfather to King Constantine II, but there were no official comments confirming the same.

Though mourning this great loss, the Greeks will not give an official tribute to the deceased King due to the fact that the monarchy was abolished in 1974 when democracy was restored in the country.

King Constantine II was married to Ana MarĂ­a, sister of Margaret II, Queen of Denmark and they had five children. He acceded to the throne in 1964, when Greece was going through some of the most troubled times of its recent history. Despite the same, he will be remembered by his nation as a benevolent leader with a strong moral fiber.

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