Fuerza Regida’s Jesús Ortiz Paz Released, Gives First Statements


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Last Sunday, February 4, the N+ news service reported that the 26-year-old singer known as ‘JOP’ was arrested for trying to cross into Mexican territory from the United States with marijuana. The case was turned over to the Attorney General’s Office (FGR).

Jesús Ortiz Paz, the singer of Fuerza Regida, was released on Tuesday, February 6, after being arrested at Garita Uno in Mexicali along with other singers and composers of corridos tumbados. They were accused of alleged introduction and possession of marijuana. The FGR concluded that they brought less than 10 grams of cannabis between cigarettes and greña.

The singer and the other three detainees were defended by the criminal lawyer Cuauhtémoc Castilla. After being released, the litigant published videos and photos with the artist and his companions. The singer was interviewed by media outlets after being released and said that the government behaved well during the arrest.

Jesús Ortiz Paz has made public his consumption of cannabis and alcohol in the past. He has had previous confrontations with the law, including arrests for possession of weapons and alleged abuse of authority by police officers. Other artists have also had problems with the law, such as Roberto Tapia, Larry Hernandez, and Paquita la del Barrio.

In 2017, Roberto Tapia was accused of allegedly having sexual relations with a minor. Carlos Lizárraga of La Original Banda El Limón was reported for sexual harassment. Régulo Caro dared to sing narcocorridos in a state where they are prohibited and had to pay a fine. Larry Hernández was arrested for a kidnapping lawsuit against him. Remmy Valenzuela was arrested for possession of a firearm. Gerardo Ortiz was accused of apologizing for crime and arrested for a controversial video. Ramón Ayala was arrested while entertaining a drug trafficker’s party.

These artists have faced various legal issues, including drug possession, sexual harassment, and violence against women. Despite their legal troubles, they continue to pursue their musical careers.

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