Frida Gustavsson’s Incredible Injury Halts Vikings: Valhalla Production

Vikings: Valhalla: Frida Gustavsson Suffered Fracture During Filming

Details of the filming of Vikings: Valhalla have recently been exposed, where actress Frida Gustavsson revealed her injury and had to be taken to the hospital during the shooting. The second season of the Viking-inspired Netflix series Vikings: Valhalla premiered in February 2022.

The star of the series recalled her injury during an interview with Kelly Clarkson on the NBC talk show. Apparently, the fracture happened while rehearsing an action scene during which she held a bracelet with a 6’3″ big man. After slipping, he landed on her elbow and she was taken to the hospital looking like a Viking, “covered in blood and fully armed”, she said.

Fortunately for fans of the show, Gustavsson fully recovered from the injury and has continued portraying Freydis in an even more exciting and action-packed season. In the latest installment, Freydis becomes the guardian of faith and makes Jomsborg one of the most stable and powerful cities, setting up for an exciting third season.

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