French Rejection of Pension Reform Reaches 68 Percent

French President Emmanuel Macron’s pension reform faces strong opposition from France’s citizens

A poll conducted by the Journal du Dimanche on Sunday (15.01.2023) found that 68 percent of the French opposed the government’s pension reform project while 32 percent supported it.

The strongest opposition – 71 percent – was against the star measure of the project, the delay of the minimum retirement age from 62 to 64 years. This rejection was prominent among the youth, the popular classes and the unemployed.

Frédéric Dabi, the general director of opinion at Ifop, one of France’s main institutes of demoscopy, said that the government discourse on the need to save the pension system “does not work”.

The unions called for a day of mobilization next Thursday the 19th, with strikes planned in the civil service and in various important private sectors. However, Dabi warned that there was a dissonance between the strong rejection of the reform and a weaker desire to mobilize against it.

He said that this was perhaps because 68 percent of those who responded to the survey believed that the reform would end up being approved due to the configuration of the parliamentary majorities, and only 32 percent trusted that the extent of the protests would stop the government project.

“Public opinion has assumed that the government will not back down and that collective action no longer works. It has the feeling that (President Emmanuel) Macron has put on the reformer’s suit and is not going to give in,” concluded Dabi.

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